About Me

Update: Well life has a way of getting in the way of pleasure or the things you love to do. My health issues that are listed below have a mind of their own when it comes to symptoms and I never know what I will be waking up to. They come and go as they please which makes some day difficult. My biggest problem with the medical issues listed below are balance, dizziness and loss of balance. Me, the walls, the furniture and often the ground or floor have become very good friends. I fall or loss my balance dozen times a day. It also leaves me with severe fatigue. On Dec 28th I was raced to the ER with what was thought a heart attack but ended up being a blood clot in my lung. Very dangerous and almost always fatal. In addition I had been diagnosed with Gastric Erosion which I am still trying to get adjusted too. I spent a month in the hospital and rehab. I came home and was finally feeling like myself. I had to have my blood tested every week and on week 10, while in the Oncologist office, my blood results was a 9 when it should be a 2. My doctor raced me to the ER, as this high of a count could be very dangerous. A week in the hospital and I am finally home, off that medication and the blood clot is gone. Now to regroup physically and mentally. Two brushes with death since Dec 28th are more than I can wrap my head around. Hence all the delays in opening the shop.First let me introduce myself. My name is Sandra. Mother of two and grandmother to 6. I've spent my life in retail/or retail management since the 60's. I am retired due to being disabled in 2008 due to being paralyzed from the neck down. Spent weeks in the hospital and months teaching myself to walk again. While testing they discovered I have Arnold Chiari Malformation and Hydromyelia. Both of those I was born with but it was detected while doing tests. There is no cure for those so you learn how to live with the multiple of symptoms that change from day to day. But they weren't sure I would ever walk again so walking now is a plus though I have to use a cane. But it is what is is and you learn how to continue and change life to accommodate the issues.

The name of my blog/business came about from my father who sadly passed away at age 56 in 1980. I was about 2 when he nicknamed me Fox and he was the only person that was allowed to call me that. So in honor of him I decided it was perfect for the blog/business name. I also always wanted to live in a cottage and the creations part needs no explanation.

I love to sew and have always loved dolls. My grandmother taught me to sew when I was about age 9 and I even received a child's size real Singer Sewing Machine that Xmas. In the early 70's I took a professional tailoring class which was amazing.

Over the years I have sewn just about everything including Barbie clothing for my daughter's, civil war shirts, children's clothing to name a few.  So I decided to combine the two things I love dolls and fabric/sewing and start a blog and sell one of a kind or made to order outfits for several brand dolls.

Years ago my daughter and I had a business creating animals dressed like humans. Her and I also love to color with Copic Markers, watercolor and do mixed media.

I currently live in the beautiful Victorian town of Cape May, NJ but was raised in Delaware County, Pa.